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[Tvt News]How Trump Uses Likes and Retweets to Shape Policy

Trump’s social media guru, Dan Scavino. Photo: Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post/Getty Images

Politico published a profile of Dan Scavino, Donald Trump’s social media guy, on Thursday that included all the usual nonsense we’ve become inured to in the past two years. Like the fact that Scavino, who’s one of Trump’s closest confidants, is a lurker on /r/The_Donald.

But there’s one revelation in the piece that’s actually worth dwelling on — Trump apparently uses social media metrics to influence policy. And Scavino is the guy who helps him do it.

who quit over the decision, the members of Congress were trying to convince Trump to change his mind. But Trump was more interested in how the decision was playing on Twitter than on Capitol Hill or at the Pentagon. So he called Scavino into the meeting:

top American general in the Middle East — if the #MAGA crowd likes it, then so does Trump.

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