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[Tvt News] When Detroit Was on Top of the Sports World

Detroit’s four major sports teams are rebuilding, trying to recapture championship glory.]

Detroit grew phenomenally in the 1920s, crowding its downtown with skyscrapers and propelling its population to 1.5 million — 57 percent growth over a decade. Hundreds of thousands who came in search of jobs in the automobile industry made it America’s fourth-largest city.

Then the stock market crashed and the Great Depression sank its talons into the economy, bringing bank panics and closings, unemployment of 45 percent in the city, winding food lines, bulging public-relief rolls, and wage cuts for those lucky enough to still be working.

Times were dire, the outlook grim.

Amid such darkness, Detroit’s teams began to stir, and the city’s beleaguered residents fell especially in love. The Tigers and the Red Wings sparked passion and allegiance in 1934, with both teams advancing to their leagues’ championship series before losing. They soon chased glory again, this time joined by the year-old Lions, transplants from Portsmouth, Ohio.

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