Trump rally in Toledo, Ohio: Watch live stream as President Donald Trump speaks at rally amid U.S.-Iran tensions

Trump rally in Toledo, Ohio: Watch live stream as President Donald Trump speaks at rally amid U.S.-Iran tensions

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At a 90-minute rally in Ohio on Thursday, touted the strike that killed Iranian General Qassem Soleimani one week earlier and criticized Democrats’ response. Earlier Thursday, the House of Representatives passed a resolution to curb his military powers regarding Iran. 

“We got there very early, we saw what was happening — I saw what was happening, I said what’s all that about,” Mr. Trump said. “And that was going to be another Benghazi. Had they broken through the final panels of glass, they were breaking it, breaking it. Had they gotten through, we would have had either hundreds of dead people or hundreds of hostages. That wasn’t going to happen. And I called up our great generals, I said get them over there now.”

Mr. Trump criticized House Democrats for calling for him to ask for prior authorization. He said he didn’t have time to call “crazy Nancy” and said “crooked Adam Schiff” would leak it to the press.  

The president did not stop to speak to reporters before leaving for his rally. The Huntington Center holds 8,200 people.

The House’s vote passed mostly along party lines, with three Republicans joining the Democrats to vote in favor and eight Democrats voting against. 

Mr. Trump announced on Wednesday that Iran appears to be standing down for now after strikes on Iraqi bases housing U.S. troops. Mr. Trump said the U.S. will impose new sanctions until Iran significantly modifies its behavior. 

On Capitol Hill, Senate Republicans are working out the rules for his impeachment trial. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has resisted any calls for witnesses since the House passed the articles of impeachment, and has said the Senate could consider calling witnesses after the House impeachment managers and the president’s attorneys make opening arguments. He says that he has enough GOP votes to move forward with the Senate trial without negotiating an agreement with Democrats over witnesses and new documents.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has not yet transmitted the articles of impeachment to the Senate and says she won’t send them until she knows what the Senate rules for the trial are.

Ohio and its 18 electoral votes will be critical for the president come November. Mr. Trump won Ohio by eight points in 2016, but the state went to Obama in 2008 and 2012.

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