Tori Spelling’s Tax Problems Are WAY Worse Than She Let On!

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Remember when  Spelling was out promoting the 90210 revival last year, and she totally denied having financial ??

A daytime talk show host asked her point blank, and Tori took offense, saying Yes she was able to pay her bills, thank you very much.

At the time we couldn’t help but laugh at how awkward the moment got, as the Good Day New York host pressed on with her biting journalistic exploration…

Tori Spelling Good Day New York Interview
A face that says, ‘This interview is going great.’ / (c) Fox 5 NY

But it turns out she was right on the money!

Tori has been severely playing down any money issues, but now the notorious troubles are no longer rumor; we have legal proof thanks to the Franchise Board in California.

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According to the law, twice a year the State of California publishes its list of the Top 500 Tax Delinquents. Super embarrassing, but we get how it keeps things above board. After all, you have some high profile people going on talk shows and totally denying they have any money problems — heck, even running for office without showing what’s really going on with their taxes! Wouldn’t want that…

So here’s the thing: when that list came out this week, guess who was on it?

Yep, Tori and hubby Dean McDermott owe enough to put them somewhere close to the middle of the Personal Income Tax list. How much? According to the document, they owe a whopping $310,996.11!


Wow, that is a bit more substantial than missing a decimal place on your 1040!

Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth working photo Instagram
(c) Tori Spelling/ Instagram

The list is mostly just the names and amounts involved, but it does list a lien on the couple’s money starting back in 2016.

We do know the US government weren’t the only ones looking for their cut from Tori. Back in January of 2019 a court ordered the actress to pay more than $88,000 to American Express after the credit card company filed a writ of execution against her over months of outstanding debt starting in 2017.

She and Dean were also sued by City National Bank in 2016 for failing to pay back a $400,000 bank loan. Oof.

As we told you, the couple is only near the middle of the list — but that doesn’t mean near the halfway point moneywise. The lowest amount owed on the list (which does not list anyone under $100k) is $116,768.90. But the top delinquent listed owes an unfathomable $285,978,984.93.

Yes. You read that right. $285 MILLION! From one couple. Yeesh. And people wonder how California ends up with money problems…

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