Fox Nation's Tomi Lahren delivered a special edition of her “Final Thoughts” to a live audience at the inaugural “Patriot Awards” in St. Petersburg, Fla., on Wednesday.

The event was held to celebrate modern-day patriotism by honoring individuals across the country who have shown steadfast dedication to our nation and patriotic values.

All proceeds from the event will be donated to the Folds of Honor Foundation, which provides educational scholarships to spouses and children of America's fallen and disabled service members.

“Patriotism means something a little different to everybody but I’m gonna tell you what it means to me,” said Lahren to a sold crowd of Fox Nation fans.

“For me, patriotism is love of country and I don’t know about you but I happen to not only love my country but I also happen to know it is the greatest country on the face of the Earth,” Lahren said.

“If you disagree, there are about 200 other countries to choose from — so you’re more than welcome to pick one.

“But I think it’s safe to say everyone sitting in this theater agrees. The United States of America is great, has always been great and always will be great so long as we have patriots, patriots like all of you sitting in this room, who are willing to stand up, speak up, and never give up on the country we all love.

“There are some out there, and I won’t name names, that believe this country would be better off if it were less like the United States of America and more like the rest of the world. Well sorry, but we aren’t like any other nation on Earth, that’s why we are the best — and I don’t know about you, but I’d like to keep it that way.


“This country is great and always has been great but it will only remain great and can only get greater if we remember the values, and fight for those values, that built it.”

“There are two groups of people in this country who quite literally fight to protect and defend not only those values, but all of us.  Those are the men and women of our United States and the men and women of law enforcement.”

“Despite all the fake , the hate, the disrespect and lack of appreciation you put up with every single day, you selflessly protect and defend even those who think they hate you.

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“I want you to know, the loudest voices do not represent the majority. There are millions of Americans out there who love, appreciate, support and respect you. We are behind you and it’s the least we can do as you stand between us and danger each and every single day.

“Even the people who have been taught, convinced, and mislead to believe our values aren’t worth fighting for still benefit from those values, those rights, and those freedoms. We can agree to disagree on the improvements we have yet to make, but the United States remains a beacon of light for the world. Remember, few people flee from the United States but millions flee to her. The world knows the American dream is alive and well. Sadly, that dream will always be threatened by those who fundamentally misunderstand it.


“The American dream is not about getting something for nothing. It’s not about a handout or free things someone told you you were “entitled” to. It’s not about demanding an equal outcome or demonizing those who have what you want.

“No, the American dream is about waking up everyday knowing that by virtue of being an American, you already have a head start, don’t waste it.”

Live from the red carpet at Fox Nation's Patriot Awards

Live from the red carpet at Fox Nation’s Patriot Awards

Lahren went on: “The American dream is getting on your knees to pray then getting on your feet to salute the stars, the stripes and the men and women of all races, religions, and ethnicities who came home under that flag- who sacrificed it all for your rights, even the ones you may take for granted.  And let me tell you something about your rights, folks. Once you give them away, you will never get them back.

“We’ve got a great nation worth fighting for, never lose sight of that. It is, and always should be: faith, family, freedom and America first.”

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