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Sophie Turner’s hilarious reaction to the Mendes/Cabello almost-kiss has Twitter ablaze

Sophie Turner was really enjoying Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello's performance at the VMAs.
Sophie Turner was really enjoying Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello’s performance at the VMAs.

Image: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

By Sam Haysom

One entertaining side plot of any awards show is looking out for strong audience reaction shots.

Especially those of various celebrities, whose expressions often make the perfect memes.

Monday night’s VMAs didn’t disappoint on this front.

During their performance of “Señorita,” Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello appeared to come close to kissing right at the end of the song.

Now, watch Game of Thrones‘ Sophie Turner, along with Nick and Joe Jonas, who performed at the awards ceremony, reacting to that clip. It’s glorious.

You can literally see the excitement building, followed by a collective groan when they don’t end up kissing after all.

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Just look how exhausted Joe Jonas is when he sits back down afterwards.

Unsurprisingly, their reaction didn’t go unnoticed on Twitter.

Sophie turner being gutted shawn and camila didnt kiss is a mood

— Bobbie (@bobbie_9320) August 27, 2019

Honestly a mistake that we have not had a Sophie Turner cam this entire time #VMAs

— Esther Zuckerman (@ezwrites) August 27, 2019

What a rollercoaster.

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