Selena Gomez Gets REAL About Phony Celebrity Relationships – And Drops Video For Breakup Anthem ‘Rare’!

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We LOVE this new  !

Not only is her new album, , an unabashedly transparent declaration of self worth in the aftermath of a myriad of messy public relationship dramas, she’s being completely candid in every interview!

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Along with the release of the music for the album’s title track, a paean to choosing NO boyfriend over a bad boyfriend, Selly is getting even more .

First, check out the gorgeous video for Rare (below):

You may have noticed the theme in the lyrics:

Why you act like I’m not there? / Baby, right now it feels like / It feels like you don’t care / Why don’t you recognize I’m so rare?

Obviously lyrics like that demand questions about Selena’s thoughts on dating right now.

We know gurl has been single for a couple years. But on Friday’s New Music Daily on Apple Music’s Beats 1, interviewer Zane Lowe dug a little deeper, asking about how the former Disney star’s lifetime of fame had twisted her idea of a relationship, noting the public eye is an “unusual, strange environment” in which to find love.

Selly kept it honest, saying:

“Well, if I can be honest, it is so cliche. It’s just, everyone dates everyone, so it always seems to be within a little bubble and it’s because it’s safe right? But you know, you’re wanting someone to understand what you’re going through, you’re almost wanting a counterpart of creativity as well, and it’s interesting and fun, but the problem with that is you end up — whether you admit it or not — you’re having a relationship for people, and not even for yourself.”

Huh. Her big have been with other pop stars.

Selena and the Weeknd
Selena and ex The Weeknd in 2017, not exactly Netflix and chilling… / (c) WENN

She added:

“There’s almost this point where it’s like, ‘Oh, we’re making it known that we’re together,’ whatever it is, it’s like, you just need to decide within our world if it’s for you or is it for show?”

Damn. That is more honest than we even expected. Because, let’s face it, for a lot of rising stars, the relationships ARE just for show! Next thing she’ll be talking about how producers pick out what her songs need to be about to reflect the new public image they want to sell. Ha!

We kid, but for real, this album and this new Selena are about as real as it gets in pop music.

See her keeping it real for nearly 20 minutes in the whole interview (below)!

[Image via Selena Gomez/YouTube/Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]

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