Meghan McCain’s Last Friend On ‘The View’ Is No Longer Speaking To Her: SOURCE

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Did McCain drive away her last at the table?

Whenever they’re asked about their relationships behind the scenes, the ladies of The  consistently say things getting heated on the show is just the nature of the beast and they’re all hunky dory backstage.

But all the scuttlebutt over the past several months has been anything but rosy… (No pun intended.)

The animosity between Meghan and Joy Behar has been obvious, sometime guest host Ana Navarro isn’t shy about it, and we’ve heard rumblings of Machiavellian tactics from a pissed off Sunny Hostin. Most recently even Whoopi Goldberg had enough and dressed down her junior co-host on the air.

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But what about her fellow conservative at the table, Abby Huntsman? Surely politics couldn’t get in the way there, right?

Well, it’s not exactly politics that are causing the problem. It’s the fact Meghan is “rude” and “self-important.” Like we said, she just isn’t listening when the other women speak!

And now she doesn’t have to — a told Page Six this week no one is to her anymore!

“They aren’t speaking to each other. It’s been about a month. None of the ladies talk to Meghan now. Abby was the last woman standing. It’s bad. Meghan’s so rude. Abby tolerates Meghan, but she doesn’t genuinely like her. Their friendship has soured.”


This comes after fans noticed a little saltiness from Abby during Monday’s Hot Topics. Speaking about the news John Bolton had agreed to testify in Donald Trump‘s impeachment trial if the Senate subpoenaed him, Abby suggested:

“I think he ultimately has a conscience… He’s someone that I think would be speaking [about] what he thinks is right, not what politically he believes or doesn’t believe.”

Yeah, showing up and telling the truth when subpoenaed… dust off that Medal of Valor…

In any case, Meghan also had a response — which included a little characteristic self-aggrandizing.

“The idea that he went home and grew a conscience is like… Maybe I’ve been in politics too long.”

It’s a reasonable jab at someone who worked for the Trump administration. But that humblebrag was too much for Abby, who snapped back:

“Well, I’ve also been in politics in my upbringing, too. And a lot of people have been around politics or know politics, whether you have family in it or not. This show’s about opinions.”

You don’t have to be a K Street spin doctor to read the subtext there. Gurl has had enough of Her Holiness the Saint of Conservatism implying she’s the only expert on the panel.

You can watch that interchange (below):

Other sources speaking to the outlet believe Meghan is “rude and dismissive” to the guests. These sources are LITERALLY ANYONE WHO WATCHES THE SHOW.

Look, the biggest problem with politics right now is people living in a bubble and refusing to listen to one another. And while the rest of the table can discuss and debate and learn from one another, Meghan has chosen to dig in her heels and go LA LA LA whenever anyone else speaks. And that’s just not good enough.

But that’s just our opinion. What do YOU think about Meghan on The View??

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