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Guy Claims Vape pen left him with 0.33-degree burns after pocket explosion

warning: photograph photos underneath

A former smoker whose vape pen allegedly exploded in his pocket leaving him with severe burns has spoken out from his hospital mattress to warn others approximately the potential risks of the use of the popular device. Bob Allsopp alleges he become taking walks his canine when his leg all of sudden burst into flames.

“It sounded like starting a bottle of pop,” Allsopp, of Leeds, England, instructed SWNS. “I looked down and my complete thigh became on fireplace.”

Allsopp said his KangerTech e-cigarette was in his pocket, a dependancy that he picked up in 2015 after searching out ways to end smoking. He said he observed the battery became low, so he swapped it out for another one produced by way of every other logo that he had purchased at the internet.

KangerTech is a China-primarily based business enterprise that “has been striving to make each device 100 percent safe for clients.” It was not at once clear if the business enterprise warns in opposition to the usage of some other brand’s batteries of their merchandise, however it does warn of counterfeit products being offered via third-birthday party providers. It was no longer clear where Allsopp purchased his KangerTech tool.

KangerTech did no longer straight away respond to request for remark.

“i used to be on fire for about 30 seconds,” he told SWNS. “after I were given domestic I had to peel my jeans away and placed them out of doors as they have been nonetheless smoldering.”

He went to his local health center, however become transferred to a burn unit at Pinderfield health facility, wherein more than week later he stays. Allsopp said he’s on antibiotics in addition to painkillers to treat an contamination, and then could have a skin graft.

“i’ve third-degree burns across my entire right leg,” he informed SWNS. “I’m completely mattress-bound and may’t arise longer than 10 minutes. i will’t stroll for the time being as I’m just in so much ache.”

Allsopp stated that he had always bought the equal product, and hadn’t had any problems before, however that nurses have told him about different sufferers with comparable trauma.

“I just want to warn human beings to be ultra-careful,” he instructed SWNS.


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