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Cho Yang-ho: Korean Air chairman and ‘nut rage’ father dies at 70

The chairman of Korean Air, considered one of Asia’s biggest airlines, has exceeded away within the US, the business enterprise stated.
Korean Air stated in a declaration that Cho Yang-ho, 70, died at a health facility in la on 7 April, without supplying similarly information.
His management changed into overshadowed with the aid of numerous family scandals, consisting of the notorious ‘nut rage’ incident.
Mr Cho, who turned into on trial for corruption, became ousted from the enterprise board in March.
His son Cho won-tae, Korean Air’s president, is expected to be successful him as chairman, the economic times stated.

The Cho own family made global headlines after a “nut rage” incident in 2014 regarding Cho Hyun-ah, the eldest daughter of Cho Yang-ho – who’s also known as Heather.
Ms Cho flew into a fury on a Korean Air flight leaving new york for South Korea whilst the macadamia nuts were served in a packet, and now not on a plate. She ordered the crew to return the taxiing plane to its gate, and had the chief steward eliminated.
Cho Hyun-ah faced trial over the incident in South Korea, and became convicted of violating aviation protection, coercion, and abuse of electricity in 2015. She served 5 months in jail.
Mr Cho’s different daughter, Cho Hyun-min, left her function inside the employer after she allegedly splashed water in a colleague’s face all through a assembly.
The businessman himself turned into then charged with embezzlement and breach of believe in 2018. He denied all fees, however it caused his eventual ousting from the board of Korean Air in March.
The scandals reopened a country wide debate about Korea’s enterprise landscape, which is ruled by means of family companies known as chaebols.
Cho Yang-ho become the first founding family member of any essential South Korean company to be forced off a board, according to media reports.
a few noticed his forced departure from the employer board as a victory for the ones seeking to diminish the electricity of the chaebols.


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